Our hospital is open for entry! We are requiring masks to be worn in the building at all times. Thank you!

Starting June 22nd, our Wednesday hours will be: 8am – 12pm, 1pm – 6pm 

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At wellness appointments, we’ll discuss your pet’s health and take a proactive preventive approach. We will carefully take a medical history and perform a thorough physical examination. We’ll check for any problems such as dental disease, areas of chronic inflammation, any unexplained weight loss or weight gain, increased water consumption or increased urination, gastrointestinal problems, coughing, difficulties breathing, exercise intolerance, or any new lumps or bumps, for example. We will administer immunizations that will help protect your pet against dangerous infectious diseases. We’ll teach you how to be an observant pet owner, coaching you how to recognize early signs of disorders. This is important, since early detection typically results in more effective and less expensive outcomes. Advanced dental disease may impact the overall health of your pet. We will teach you how to brush your pet’s teeth and help you develop a preventive dental plan.

We will collect a health history and determine your pet’s body condition score. We use this score to measure obesity or weight loss. Research is showing that fat cells are dynamic endocrine cells. These cells produce substances that contribute to a chronic low-grade inflammatory state, resistance to the effects of insulin resulting in type II diabetes mellitus, heart disease, decreased immune function, certain cancers, heat intolerance, and some orthopedic diseases. Our goal is to educate you regarding the effects of pet obesity and to help you develop a plan for weight loss and improvement in your pet’s health.

New Pet: Get Your New Puppy or Kitten Off to a Great Start

Bring your youngster in to see us soon after he or she comes home with you. It is common for puppies and kittens to arrive with some unwanted guests such as fleas, ear mites, and even intestinal parasites. We want to clear those up right away and get you off to a great start with your new buddy. We recommend a complete physical examination, which will include a stool sample to assess for the common parasites and appropriate immunization. As your puppy or kitten grows, we’ll tailor a program of adult wellness and eventually develop a senior pet care plan to ensure your pet’s vitality and longevity.

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